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French  Macarons

Every Laniebites macaron is lovingly crafted here in the Antelope Valley with the ambition of providing perfect moments that make your event as sensational as you had imagined. Whether the occasion is big or small, say what you've been wanting to say with French Macarons.


Best-Selling Flavors

cookies and cream

Cookies and cream flavored french macaron

vanilla bean

Vanilla bean flavored french macaron

chocolate salted caramel

chocolate salted caramel flavored french macaron

strawberry milkshake

Strawberry milkshake flavored french macaron


Coffee flavored french macaron

caramel apple

Caramel apple flavored french macaron


lemon flavored french macaron
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Eleni Gross smiling while selling macarons

My Story

My name is Eleni Gross and I am the owner of Laniebites, a home-based bakery in Lancaster, CA. I specialize in baking French Macarons, an almond cookie sandwich-style pastry that contains various flavored fillings in the center. I have been in the baking industry for over 7 years and studied at University of Antelope Valley’s Professional Baking and Pastry certificate program in 2017.

It was soon after I graduated that I became devoted to making the perfect French Macarons.

I create traditional style macarons with all the base list of original flavors as well as custom macarons, where I can create any theme you desire. I love to incorporate fun, exciting flavors into the fillings to help everyone discover their new favorite Macaron flavor. Macarons can be great for special events, gifts or just as a personal treat.

The French Method

The French Method for creating macarons is based on a French meringue, made by pouring sugar into egg whites while they are whipped. The sugar helps the meringue to form microscopic air bubbles, which strengthen the mixture. When the meringue reaches the firm peak stage, it is ready for the dry ingredients.

The batter must be folded in a specific pattern called macaronage.

Almond flour and powdered sugar are folded into the French meringue. This requires swiping the batter along the inside of the mixing bowl, forcing some air back out of the batter, then alternatively folding again. It may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but this step is absolutely essential in achieving the perfect macaron consistency!

A tower of various flavors of french macarons